Mangini Ranch Elementary School

Folsom Cordova Unified School District
Folsom, California

Mangini Ranch Elementary School in the Folsom Cordova Unified School District, the newest prototype elementary for the District’s future growth, is a prime example of our belief in student-focused facilities designed to create environments that support the development of a learning community that is critical to maximizing student learning.

Collaboration was the driving force behind a complete re-imagining of the FCUSD facilities model.  The learning environments create opportunities for students, teachers, and the school community to develop the collaboration and communication skills that are required to build relationships and thrive in the global economy.

Flexible and Agile  Developing learning environments that are easily adaptable to changing student populations, educational programs, and delivery of student services was critically important.  Spaces were planned to accommodate varying degrees of adaptability from daily use modifications, such as operable partitions and flexible furnishings, to more substantial modifications including reconfiguration of spaces.

Student Spaces  Relationships are a key element in student success and should be encouraged through spaces for interaction and socialization.  The development of environments that are diverse in activity and size are provided to ensure a feeling of safety, belonging, and inclusion for all students.  This was realized through the development of a variety of student-centric spaces intended to address the diverse needs of a changing student population.

Transparency is a key element in establishing learning environments that support collaboration and community by allowing for a greater sense of connection.  Greater levels of transparency enhance supervision and allow learning to be visible and pervasive.

Outdoor Connections  The development of exterior spaces for teaching, collaboration, mentoring, performance, and social interaction create a school where learning is pervasive.  Natural light and outdoor air are provided to interior learning environments to enhance staff and student performance.

These are key elements of the school that embody our mission and make this project an outstanding example of current design concepts.

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