Performing Arts Theater

Cordova High School
Folsom Cordova Unified School District

The realization of Cordova High School’s new Performing Arts Theater has energized and inspired the Active Arts Program, as well as community interest and access to the arts. It provides new opportunities for students to pursue their passions while elevating the status of the performing arts, both on campus and within the community of Rancho Cordova.

The building represents a major milestone in the transformation of the facility into a true 21st Century school. With a performance space seating 467 in the house, a recessed orchestra pit, full control room and complete lighting and sound systems, the theater is now hosting a variety of performances, events and activities.

Beyond the theater, the facility has spaces for band, choir and drama instruction, all adjacent to the performance space. This proximity helps integrate the performing arts activities into a cohesive program.

While the building provides a new home for the performing arts program and community activities, it is the hands-on learning opportunities for students to engage with these programs that make this facility a true star.

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