engaging students in the arts


creating a place for students


celebrating the past while shaping the future

impacting education through design

With a passion for schools and the students they serve, we strive to create solutions that engage and inspire; solutions that make a real impact and a positive difference. Through 35 years of experience, we have built a depth of knowledge and an understanding of our clients that allow us to deliver innovation and excellence.

making a difference

Rainforth Grau Architects is its people. Every member of our team makes a difference through our work. Every project we deliver affects our communities, our schools, and the students they serve.

Working closely with our clients and collaboratively in teams, we support real growth and encourage individuals to learn, advance, and succeed as professionals. Through this process, staff become knowledgeable and capable to imagine and create great learning environments.

It is both a large responsibility and great privilege to be entrusted with delivering today’s schools for tomorrow’s students.